बम्बई और बंगलौर में रहने वालों गणेश जी के इन मंदिरों का दर्शन किया या नहीं ? | Famous temples in Mumbai and Bangalore

यहाँ करिये दर्शन उन गणेश मंदिरों का जो बम्बई और बंगलौर में हैं  :

Shree Ganesh temple at Jogeshwari east in Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra state of India. This is a famous temple and is situated on the J.V link road. 

Siddhivinayak Temple, situated at Prabhadevi, is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha. 

Siddhivinayak is well known as "Navasacha Ganapati" or "Navasala Pavanara Ganapati" ('Ganapati bestows whenever humbly genuinely prayed a wish' in Marathi) among devotees


Lord Ganesh temple, Bangalore, Karnataka

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