Short stories of devi durga|| The slayer of Mahisasur the demon

Short stories of devi durga|| The slayer of Mahisasur the demon

Once-upon a period there existed a devil (Asura) called Mahisha. In damaging people he discovered wonderful joy. He chose to hope to lord Brahma, who he believed might provide a benefit, which may make him invincible to him.

Mahisha conducted severe penances fasting and hoping for weeks as he endured on a single foot. The three lokas  trembled underneath his prayers and Lord Brahma appeared to bless him. Mahisha requested to make him immortal , but Lord Brahma told that he  couldn't bless him with this as all people have to die one day or the other. Mahisha determined he might request a benefit that will make him just like immortal. He requested that no man can kill or destroy and, it ought to be just in the fingers of merely a lady if he'd to die. He was sure no lady might actually combat him nevertheless powerful she might be.Lord Brahma blessed him with the same.
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Slayer of Mahisasur

Since Mahisha has been blessed, he along with  the different asuras  went about damaging and eliminating everybody on the planet. Afterwards he continued towards the heavens to combat the Gods. Actually Indra's thunderbolt couldn't endure the asura assault. Mahisha got over Indra's throne and went out the Gods. Mahishasura began bothering all pious individuals who were offering prayers  to Vishnu. Individuals and the Gods were frustrated and chose to ask Shiva to help them. Brahma and Lord Shiva focused hard and employed their glowing powers, that have been registered from the energies from Indra, and also the different Gods. This power that was godly required the heavenly lady's shape with thousand hands. In each supply a tool owned by all Gods was maintained by her. It was Durga Devi.

Animated Videos for kids depicting the story

Videos for kids depicting the story

She climbed moutain on a roaring  lion. It had been a roar that produced large dunes within the oceans and shook hills. Actually Mahisha was worried when he noticed the horrible type was that of the lady but his mirror required around. Durga produced a sizable military from her breathing to combat the military of Mahisha after which struggled with Mahisha who arrived within the type of a Buffalo. She killed  him together with her blade providing our planet peace and better place to live.

Jai Durga Maa.......

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