All the Religions have these 4 Pillars (Principles)

For a Person seeking enlightenment, it is very important to find and accept a religion from all his/her heart and soul. Religion is one such thing that can show the correct path to any person to discover himself/herself and to know the purpose of the life that we have taken birth for.
Religion helps you to get free from the cycle of Birth and Death by teaching and helping you to concentrate on the Correct way to Meditate. Many people believe that Our birth as a Human is a type of punishment, but it is also an only opportunity to get free from this punishment (birth and death cycle). Out of all the living beings in the Universe, only human being has the ability and power to meditate and get out of this cycle. So, the process starts from gathering information about the religions, then selecting the one that you feel is made for you and then following it with full devotion. And there are these 4 things that you will find common in all the religions, so these can be considered as the Four Basic Pillars of Any Religion.

The pillars that we are here talking about are: 

Purity (स्वच्छता)  | Truthfulness (सत्यवादिता) | Mercy (दया) | Austerity (तपस्या) 

These four pillars are there to nourish 3 very important entities: Body, Mind and Soul.

There are two types of Purity: Inner Purity and Outer Cleanliness. The Outer Cleanliness is all about our Body Hygiene, While the Inner Purity is related to our Mind (Thoughts) and Soul (The Master Mind). It is must to have both, the inner purity as well as the outer cleanliness and both are equally important. If one has taken the path of any religion, he/she must follow the Message from this first pillar.
For outer cleanliness it is advised to have a bath daily (2 times a day if possible) and wear clean and comfortable clothes (this will also help you boost your confidence).
For inner purity, thoughts in your mind are very important because thoughts decide what you do and your work decides who you are as a Human Being. So, this can be achieved by Controlling or Commanding Your Mind, by including discipline in your life. By improving your power of Concentration and by being Aware all the time which will eventually help you find out what is wrong and what is right and will help you take better decisions than before.
Inner Purity can be achieved just by Practicing it until it becomes a ritual in your daily life.

It is the fact of being realistic and true to your life. Do you have the courage to undertake your journey of life with truth?, if yes then you are Fearless. And this power to conquer your fears is very rare now days. Being true makes you Happy, Satisfied, Fearless and full of Energy. You must have noticed that people who always speak truth have a unique shine or charm on their face. Yes, that's the Magic of Truth!

The Believers or the Devotees always say that The Supreme (GOD) has created each and everything that we see around and only God has the Right and Power to Destroy the same. So by agreeing to this fact that Nature is the Supreme Power, we should be full of Mercy. We should forgive others (even if they don't realize their mistakes), we should help everyone (even have that person has hurt you before) and this will make you a different and better person. Mercy not only for Humans, but also for all other Living Beings, like animals, birds, environment, and etc. This can be started by Avoiding to eat non-vegetarian food, helping animals, loving animals and birds, growing more trees and cutting less, and etc.

It is the severity of Discipline or Attitude or Manner. It is very important for any person to challenge himself/herself everyday. The challenge may be small or big. For Example: Fasting, Silence, preventing yourself from doing anything that you are attached with. Practicing this will help you bring calmness to your kind and life. Just give it a try, like Switch off your phone for a day and feel the rest of the things that you have been missing or you might have not been noticing everyday just because of you mobile phone keeping you too busy. Spend time with friends avoiding office specially, so different. Try to do this that you know will improve you and your body but you fear to do them, like: Waking up early in the morning daily, Not getting Late for Office, Exercising Daily, Trying out new healthy diet, sleeping and eating in correct time or manner, reading book everyday, and etc. Any of the above mentioned things can be challenging for anyone in his/her life.
So, just do it because you know this is the right thing, not just enjoy the present and worry about future or get stuck in Past. Instead, live in present, work in present, be disciplined in present and your future will automatically be taken care of. Do Tapasya (Anything that is difficult and is for a ling time but equally beneficial for the whole life); for a devotee, Tapasya is avoiding anything that comes in the path of Bhakti (devotion) towards the Lord and related Religious Practices. For some people, avoiding to eat unhealthy or fried food is also Tapasya, you can take it as anything according to your life.

According to Bhagvad Gita
Meat eating (Animal Slaughter) destroys mercy, Intoxication (Drinking Toxic) destroys austerity, Gambling destroys truthfulness and Illicit sex (Sex outside marriage or Prostitution) destroys purity.

*The Above Information has been extracted from Bhagvad Gita, content meaning may differ with quality at different places. 
You should react according to your consent in your situation. If you feel that anything in this document is incorrect or it should not be on this blog/webpage then please inform us or contact us at mangalmurti.in@gmail.com.

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