Healing from Depression: Lesson 1

What actually depression is?

Depression is that state of mind in which mind of a person is occupied with number of thoughts and person is continuously thinking and negative thoughts dominate all other thoughts . The root cause behind depression is stress.

Medically depression can be cured by using antidepressants, electrical shock treatment , psychotherapy, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral treatment. But these solutions and medications might have negative effects and treating depression with your inner power is only solution for it.

How Natural Healing For Depression Works

Healing depression spiritually is a  pure process and has no side effects. We all have hidden power inside us which is known as spiritual power which can help us to overcome any sort of problem and even we can help others to recover through that power. 

Spiritual treatment starts from exploring oneself to find the root cause of such problem. Depression basically is outcome of incidents  which has hamper positive thinking and we find to be surrounded by negative thoughts only.  

To overcome depression , ask yourself

1) Why Am I sounding That LOW?
2) IS THIS PROBLEM that tough
3) I am the one who has solution for it
Spirituality, Depression , Healing Lesson
Healing From depression: Lesson 1

Try to think

1) There are so many people around me who want me to be happy
2) There are number of things which needs to be completed so I need to start working
3) I have got this human life and I need to take advantage of it
4) I have to do something which everyone will remember and I can do it only if I am happy
5) You need to pursue yourself that everything is possible and I am the one who will do it
6) You need to think that I can do everything
7) You have to force yourself to feel that may be at present moment things are not going right but surely I will win and everything will be in my favour
8) Time has to change and will change and I am the one who will make it change

Try to think this again and again and try to think positive and the inner power within you will help you to have positive energy and overcome negative thoughts . This inner power is that magical that if you have self belief everythings gets solved and everything looks bright and attractive . Try to medidate and do yoga , it will also help you regain your positive energy

You Will Definately WIN because you are born to WIN............

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