Daslakshan Parv:10 days festival of Jains

Daslakshan Parv:10 days festival of Jains

Daslakshan Parv is 10 days festivals for Digamber Jains for self-upliftment, purity and ultimately salvation. In these ten days, different dharmas are celebrated.

Importance of each Day of Daslakshan Parv

Day 1 : Day to Observe forgiveness ( Uttama Kshama)
Day 2: Day to Observe Humility/ tenderness subduing passions ( Uttama Mardava)
Day 3: Day to Observe Honesty/ Straight forwardness  ( Uttama Aarjava)
Day 4: Day to Observe purity and contentment( Uttama Shaucha)
Day 5: Day to Observe truthfulness( Uttama Satya)
Day 6: Day to Observe self- restraint ( Uttama Sanyam)
Day 7: Day to Observe penance or austerities( Uttama Tapa)
Day 8: Day to Observe renunciation( Uttama  Tyaga)
Day 9: Day to observe non-attachment ( Uttama Akinchanya)
Day 10: Day to observe chastity or celibacy(  Uttama Brahmacharya)

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