Diwali 2016

I to WE a great concept is presented by J&K students on this Diwali 2016

It is a very special day at Frontline Udaan not because they are celebrating DIWALI at the campus but because AARIF is telling others “the significance of Diwali”, Qazi  Fabian is quoting the lines of the Bhagavad Gita, Javed is sharing  the Diwali message and AnayatYassin, Farooq are welcoming all to Diwali celebrations.

As every community has its own reason and way to celebrate festivals, the trainees of Frontline Udaan also have their reason and way to celebrate festivals. We celebrated DIWALI by sharing a strong message to everyone viz. THE TRANSFORMATION FROM “I” TO “WE”.  A small presentation using DIYAS made the crowd understand the unique message.

Diwali is to burst our EGO, not the CRACKERS. Let this Diwali bring the light of knowledge, unity and integrity to all of us.

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