Story behind Sardar’s joke “12 बज गये” | सरदार के “12 बज गये” मुहावरे के पीछे की कहानी

Story behind Sardar’s joke “12 Baj gaye” :

“Oye Sardar, tere toh 12 baj gaye”, A very common and famous joke which people crack proudly to their sardar companions. And the best part is Sikhs don’t retaliate back, in fact they take this with a smile. A Sikh is always known for his courage, sacrifice and helping behavior towards humanity.
Through this article, I want to put light on the actual story behind the 12 o Clock joke for Sardar.
During the 17th century, when Mughals were ruling Hindustan, all Hindus were disgraced and considered as animals. Mughals were forcefully converting Hindus to Islam and would kill them if they refused to accept. They were kidnapping Hindu women, raping and treating them as their property. When the situation went out of control, the Kashmiri Pandits requested our ninth Guru, Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and in response he decided to fight all these cruel activities.

Deeply affected by this incident, our 10th Guruji, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji (Son of Guru Teg Bahadarji), took a challenge to make an army of fearless people who instead of hiding themselves, come forward to help and serve the humanity. Guru Gobind Singh ji called his army “SIKHS”.

In the beginning the number was very less who dared to fight against Mughal Emperors. In 17th century, Nadir Shah invaded India massacring thousands of Hindus and taking their women along. The panic wave took over the whole India. At that time Sardar Jassa Singh was the Commander of the Sikh army. He decided to attack Nadir Shah’s Kafila and free the women safely.

The concern was that sikh army was much less in number as compared to Nadir Shah’s huge army. So Sikh army started attacking them in the midnight and rescued the women safely. So whenever anybody came in such a situation the brave hearted sikh army courageously fought against cruelty to save humanity. Because they were very few in number, their attacks were usually at 12’o clock midnight. And hence, Sikhs got associated with the pharse “Sikhan de 12 baj gaye”. This phrase was used for asking help from sikh army.

Despite being the Sikh I was also not aware of this truth and got annoyed at such phrases and Sardar jokes. But When I heard this story, I felt proud of my community. I feel proud that I am a part of Guruji’s courageous Sikh army. This community never lets down any other community. In fact our first guru, Guru Nanak Dev ji gave a beautiful message to humanity “ Ek Onkar” i.e. GOD IS ONE.

Teachings of all the 10 Gurus have only 1 great message “Serve the Humanity irrespective of your religion, caste and creed.”

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