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Why this Snapchat generation needs maturity ?

What is maturity?

Is it sitting in front of your computer table and watching porn? Or talking about your career all the time, more precisely crying among your group all the time or is it loving a girl shows that you are mature? What constitutes maturity?

What do you wish Maturity or Prudence

Some questions are tough to answer and it turns hell if you are also unable to answer it. One thing that I observed here is no one loves to be called a moron, all they want to show their maturity. A bunch of 4 girls talks in such a manner that they are proposing a satellite mission to mars or the boys directing other batch mates in front of their girlfriends thinks that they are Sherlock. Scoring grades, specs on the nose, most of the time zipped lips do these characteristics comprises maturity? While sitting in a shrugged posture and writing nonsense stuff also don’t compose maturity.

Well, why I need maturity? Or why ‘We’ need maturity?

When she brought up you in the room, locked it from inside and share her fears and dreams regarding you then you need maturity to listen to her, to answer her, to convince her that ‘हाँ अम्मा सब ठीक हो जायेगा’.

What do you wish Maturity or Prudence

When he takes up you to the roof and direct you from his hands that ‘ये दूसरी मंजिल अब तुम बनवाना’ then you need maturity to make his beliefs and hopes alive.

What do you wish Maturity or Prudence

When she knot up a thread over your wrist and ask ‘की भैया देख लो, रक्षा करनी पड़ेगी अब मेरी’ and giggles then your maturity assures her that she is safe till you are on this planet.

What do you wish Maturity or Prudence

You don’t need maturity to kiss her; whatever you do should be genuine, passionate and unhurtable. But yes you need maturity when she cries ‘ouch’ & her lips turn red from pink, then you take her red into you and said ‘yes I love you’.


An immature guy, trying to show his maturity through his words (because no one loves to be called a moron).

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